5 Fun Gift Ideas for Babies the First Two Years

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Keeping babies entertained can be a tough task! They also cannot tell you what they want. Sometimes all they want is a smiling face, with a goo and a gaaa. But in the rare instances that they are willing to mind their own consider the following options as a great starting point!

So, you find that you have to buy a birthday or holiday gift for a new baby in your life. Being that this is such a huge developmental time for them, you want to make sure that you are not only providing laughter and fun but also that you are encouraging their creativity and awareness of their own imagination. Gifts that do this can help the parents by giving them a free hand, and also help them to teach their child new skills. And how can you do this in a way that keeps them safe and secure, but provides fun and fundamentals as well? We have a few ideas you will want to check out.

1. Baby Walkers

This wonderful little piece of baby equipment is a great gift for older babies and parents alike. Baby walkers provide a seated space where the child is usually placed in a soft or fabric chair and has a tray that may surround them entirely, or be forward facing. This tray is generally outfitted with toys and interactive items that provide entertainment as well as work on developing hand and eye coordination skills. The child’s legs are always working whether it be bouncing or learning to move in a forward motion to make the wheels of the walker spin to advance as if they are walking. Did we mention it can give exhausted parents a break from holding and entertaining an active baby? It does, which is why we say it is a perfect gift for children AND parents!

2. Baby Floor Seat & Lounger

A bit different than the walker, this is the item that also helps moms and dads as they need to keep baby in a relatively secure place and free up a hand or two. It also helps the baby to strengthen sitting up skills. These can come in two main design options; one is a foam type of design that molds securely around the baby’s bottom and holds the legs securely without interactive toys in front of the child, and the other is designed for the baby to lay back in with or without their legs separated. This style usually has a hanging bar or tray that has developmental toys attached to it. Take it one step further and include an eco-friendly plush toy or stuffed animal sitting up in the seat!

3. Floor Mat

Babies love tummy time, and it’s an integral part of their growth and development. Having an interactive floor mat is one way to give the baby that tummy time as well gets a giggle and laugh. These floor mats usually have light up features, musical buttons, and buttons and baubles that whizz and whir above. Some of the mats are designed to have an overhead bar that works when they are laying on their back, and some are made to have all of the interaction done facing down on their bellies.

4. Doorway Jumper

Never have we seen a baby laugh so much as when they are put into their doorway jumper. Wait, never have we giggled just as much either! These fun products are secured to a doorway where the seat hangs down about a foot or few inches from the ground. The child is then able to bounce and jump using their own body weight to push off from the floor. Giggles nearly guaranteed to follow.

5. Organic Skin Care & Bath Products

While these are not on necessarily high on the fun or developmental list, having one less thing to worry about as a parent, or one less chemical in your household is why we think organic productsare a great baby gift for new parents or parents of young children. Especially for the first year of a baby’s life, the number of baths that they receive will be plenty, so using products that are not harsh on their skin and the environment are a win for everyone. There is a wide range of offerings available from bath wash, to lotion, and the ever needed wipes. You could pair some of these products with an organic cotton baby bath towel and a blanket or a pack of organic cotton diapers to make a green basket of goodness. Parents will appreciate the luxury of these items since they are sometimes accompanied by a higher price tag than their non organic counterparts.

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Look for toys that will help develop your growing child’s mind. We really like the wooden toys, blocks, and plush toys.

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