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There are so many different Wooden Toy Guns. Use the list below to help you pick your first one!

Wooden Rubber Band guns are a great way to spend quality time with your children, as well as a great solo activity for them! They are a great American made product by a veteran owned company here in the USA. One of the best things about them is Magnum Wooden Rubber guns use a strong and sturdy poplar wood. They are all a 12 shot semi-automatic which means you have plenty of rounds to get off before you need to reload. Watch the video and read the article below to discover our Top 5 Wooden Rubber Band gun rifles!

1) 1873 Winchester Combat Rifle + Ammo | GL21873S | Magnum Rubber Band Guns

Winchester rifles were created by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. These rifles used a lever to cycle the weapon giving it an advantage over the popular muzzle loaded rifles at that time. This wooden toy gun replica resembles the iconic look of the original 1873 Winchester lever-action repeating rifle. Click the link below to buy one for your collection today. 

2) Kentucky Rifle + Ammo | GL2KR | Magnum Rubber Band Guns!

The Kentucky rifle is commonly known as the Long rifle, Pennsylvania rifle, or American long rifle and was used for combat and hunting during the founding of the United States of America. Originally brought over by German gunsmiths who immigrated to America, bringing with them the technology of rifling. Rifling helped to improve accuracy which caused it to become such an iconic weapon/tool for American colonials. This rifle also has amazing inscribed wooden decorative work on the butt stock which sets it apart from other brands.

3) AR-15 Combat Rifle w/ Scope & Sling + Ammo | GL2AR15SS | Magnum Rubber Band Guns

AR-15 Combat Rifle w/ Scope & Sling + Ammo. AR (Armalite) Rifle is very popular and used by the United States military in every branch as their main weapon. This wooden gun replica is a very high-quality strong poplar wood. This high-quality wood is proven to be much stronger than the cheap wood most Chinese wood gun manufacturers use. This five-star semi-automatic rifle has a beautiful scope and sling that can be used in a strong side sling arm or weak side sling arm. If you have ever been to the Navy Small Arms Marksmanship school, you will understand the importance of strong side sling arm and why you must have a sling!

4) AK-47 Combat Rifle w/ Scope & Sling + Ammo | GL2AK47CSS | Magnum Rubber Band Guns

AK-47 Combat Rifle w/ Scope & Sling + Ammo. Wow, is this a great-looking gun or what? When fully accessorized with the cool looking scope and handy functional carrying sling, this 12-shot semi-automatic rifle is as realistic looking as it gets. Stand clear, because this baby fires a rubber band with a vengeance.

5) M-60 Combat Rifle w/ Scope & Sling + Ammo | GL2M60SS | Magnum Rubber Band Guns

This hefty 12-shot semi-automatic rifle is modeled after the real thing. It’s cool looking with lots of 12-shot power, and it’s one of our most powerful rifles. Used by every branch of the United States of America. Made with a strong poplar wood this heavy-duty crew-served weapon will defiantly intimidate the enemy. 


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