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StikBot Dino Eggs made by Zing with the item number 90644. They are Dino eggs with a StikBot Dinosaur concealed inside. There are seven different dinosaurs. Suitable for children ages four and above. COLOR MAY VARY

Stikbot Dinos are back from extinction! with sharp teeth and spiked tails, these dangerous dinosare the fiercest of all Stikbots. Collect them all to film your own stop-motion Dino battles! Color and Dino may vary.

Stikbot Dino Eggs include 1 Mystery Stikbot Dino and 1 Collector's Guide. Collect all 24, including rare and ultra-rare colors!

Award winning stop motion animation toy, pose-able action figures with fully articulating joints and suction cup feet to stick to almost any flat surface.

Collectable, Stikbot Dinos are just one part of the Stikbot line; Complete your set with the Stikbot Megabots, Stikbot Off the Grid Character packs and Stikbot Monsters.

Become a movie maker, learn to stop motion animation techniques when you download our free Stikbot Studio 2.0 App using your imaginaion to create blockbuster films starring the Stikbots!


  • Item# 90644 
  • StikBot Dino Eggs
  • Sold individually
  • Eggs with a StikBot Dinosaur concealed inside
  • 7 different dinosaurs
  • ages 4+ 
  • by Zing Zamination Studios

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