Small Factory Habitat - Power Sub station - JunkBots - | 430-7797 | HexBug

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  • The JUNKBOTS Small Factory Habitat - Power Sub Station playset is full of surprises! Unbox the power generation plant to find hidden parts, build all-new JUNKBOTS, then deconstruct and reconstruct!

    Unbox the all-new JUNKBOTS Small Factory Habitat - Power Sub Station! Now you can play the locations from the game and the series in real life. In this advent-calendar-styled unboxing experience, discover a colorful power generation plant and find hidden JUNKBOTS parts, tear through crates, and discover clues to build your collectible robot, or make your own creation. The included power modules give your robot motion. Inside this JUNKBOTS habitat unboxing, you’ll discover 2 of the 16 all-new JUNKBOTS! This blind box construction system is the first-ever habitat construction from JUNKBOTS and with an interlocking pipe-building system, you can pull pipes directly off the wall to deconstruct and reconstruct for alternate builds!

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