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Official Wacky Packages Minis Series 3 | Super Impulse

Wacky Packages Minis is a new line of hilarious, miniature, 3D products based on the classic stickers by iconic trading card company Topps. With silly and outrageous spoofs of popular household products, Wacky Packages Minis brings the original, 2D parody stickers to life by transforming them to 3D miniature toys!


Make room for even more Wacky Packages Minis! With Series 3 comes a whole whack of new toys and stickers shamelessly spoofing beloved household brands. 82 new minis and stickers to collect, now with 3 levels of rarity: Rare, Really Rare, and Fuggetaboutit! Start collecting now!

Originally created by Topps in 1967, Wacky Packages were amusing send-ups of the popular household products of the time. This hit series of parody stickers has stood the test of time and resulted in more than 30 sets over the following decades. An amazing roster of collaborative artists and humorists brought stunning art and biting satire to Wacky Packages, earning the brand a coveted place in pop-culture history. This product is not authorized or endorsed by any of the companies who are the subject of parody. 

The products being spoofed are all good ones. No kidding.


  • Rare,
  • Really Rare
  • Fuggetaboutit
  • 5 Mini Products
  • 1 Mini Original Wacky Packages Sticker
  • 1 Checklist to Track Your Collection

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