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North American P 51 B/C | 0869 | SMER

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North American P 51 B/C |  0869 | SMER

2004 | Rebox (Changed decals)

If we were to compile a list of the "Most significant aircraft of WWII", the P-51 Mustang probably would demand a place near the top. The history of the P-51 series is very well documented, so perhaps it should just be said that the B/C version, which this kit represents, can trace it’s roots to the original North American A-36 Apache, then to the Allison powered P-51 and P-51A. The P-51B/C was the result of one of those "made in heaven" matches: the already well proven Rolls Royce Merlin engine built under license by Packard, and the P-51 airframe. As they say on TV, "the rest is history".

For modeling purposes, the P-51B and C are identical. The B version was built in North American’s Inglewood, CA plant, and the C was produced at North American’s Dallas, TX plant. There were 1,988 B models produced, and another 1,750 C models. While it is outside the scope of this kit review, it is interesting to note that another 6,502 D model Mustangs were built, and 1,500 K models were also built.

By the time the B/C versions were replaced with the later D’s and K’s, the outstanding reputation was established. By the end of the WW II, every fighter group in the Eighth Air Force except one was flying the Mustang, and that group was scheduled to make the conversion soon.

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