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Construction Bulldozer and Lowboy Trailer 1:25 Scale Model it | 1218 | AMT

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Construction Bulldozer and Lowboy Trailer 1:25 Scale model kit

A bulldozer or dozer (also called a crawler) is a large, motorized machine equipped with a metal blade to the front for pushing material: soil, sand, snow, rubble, or rock during construction work. It travels most commonly on continuous tracks, though specialized models riding on large off-road tires are also produced. Its most popular accessory is a ripper, a large hook-like device mounted singly or in multiples in the rear to loosen dense materials.

Bulldozers are used heavily in large and small scale construction, road building, minings and quarrying, on farms, in heavy industry factories, and in military applications in both peace and wartime.

The word "bulldozer" refers only to a motorized unit fitted with a blade designed for pushing. The word is sometimes used inaccurately for other heavy equipment such as a front-end loader designed for carrying rather than pushing material.


  • Item #1218
  • Construction Bulldozer and Lowboy Trailer
  • Over 500 detailed parts
  • Adjustable blade
  • Adjustable ripper attachments 
  • Scale 1:25
  • Skill level 2
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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