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Mech Name: Bumblebuster
Pilot Name: Lieutenant Franklin "Buzz" Thornberry

The Bumblebuster is a unique and distinctive mech that deviates from the traditional humanoid design. It possesses a short and pudgy stature with stubby legs, a round torso, and short arms with claw-like hands. Its light blue exterior is adorned with accents of yellow and white, adding a touch of vibrancy to its appearance. The mech's head features a pudgy bug-like design, complete with antennas and beady eyes, giving it a charming and slightly mischievous expression.

Lieutenant Franklin "Buzz" Thornberry, a resourceful and quick-witted pilot, is in charge of the Bumblebuster. Despite its unconventional appearance, Buzz has mastered the art of piloting the Bumblebuster with remarkable skill. Known for his nimble reflexes and strategic thinking, Buzz can swiftly maneuver the mech through challenging terrains and outsmart opponents in battle. In one hand, the Bumblebuster wields a formidable battle hammer, capable of delivering devastating blows, while the other hand houses a palm-embedded short-range blaster, providing Buzz with versatile firepower.

IM Master Hammer Warrior Building Block Set 502pcs


  • Item #IMM6816
  • Item #6816
  • iM.Master
  • Ages 6+
  • 502 pieces 
  • 17.9X16.9X23.3(cm)
  • LEGO-Like Bricks: Inspiring Creations
  • LEGO-Compatible
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