14' Showroom Shootout * Battle of the Dealerships Slot Race Set | SRS337 | Auto World

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14' Showroom Shootout * Battle of the Dealerships Slot Race Set | SRS337 | Auto World

Nickey Chevrolet – The Year – 1925. The Place – Chicago. The Name – Nickey. A trifecta of what would eventually become one of the largest automobile retailers and the largest Hi-Performance parts shop in the world.

Fast forward, and we mean FAST, to the 1960’s and Nickey Chevrolet literally created the genre of what is now known as the “Super Car”. The Nickey crew was the first dealership to install high-performance engines under the hoods of factory Chevrolet’s. By putting in the most powerful engine that the factory would not install, they quickly became recognized worldwide as the place to buy the ultimate muscle machine.

Offering upgrades in Stage 1, Stage II, and wild Stage III Configurations, they were able to build a reputation and notoriety in the hot muscle car wars of the late 60’s and early 70’s.

Yenko Chevrolet – Don Yenko knew exactly what he wanted… To put his name on a car and to have people instantly recognize it as the leading performance version available. And he did indeed get what he wanted.

Don’s father, Frank had started a Chevrolet dealership in 1934. The dealership located in Bentleyville. Pennsylvania, took off and Frank opened a second in nearby Canonsburg in 1949.

Don, however, didn’t join the family business right away. Not until the age of 30. Did he decide to join the Yenko dealership team and become involved in the creation and sales of high-performance cars. The idea of offering these “Super Car”, fresh from the showroom floor took off! By 1969, Yenko had convinced Chevrolet - via the COPO program – to plant these big horsepower engines into Chevrolet’s at the factory, and the rest is as we say… “all in the rear-view mirror”.


    • 6 - 9" radius curve track (1/4 circle)1
    • 4 - 9" radius curve track (1/8 circle)
    • 1 - 15" terminal track
    • 3 - 15" straight track
    • 2 - speed controllers
    • 9 - guard rails
    • track supports
    • track support pillars
    • 1 - power pack
    • 1 - sticker sheet
    • 1 - spectator bridge
    • 1 - track cleaning pad
    • Instructions for assembly
    • Total 10’ of track
    • 1 Year warranty
    • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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