scx advance scalextric advance usa

scx advance scalextric digital slot car racing

Bryan worked very hard for SCX for 22 years and tried VERY hard to import this new advance system. They have problems that Bryan tried to fix and it fell on deaf ears. Bryan wanted to invest his own money to bring it to the country and the SCX teams unwillingness to fix the issues they have + their failure to come to a fair agreement prevented Bryan from working with them. We had high hopes for this system but had to part ways. We were so committed to this new system we even own


SCX Advance brings you back to 1:32 top slot racing scale with all the power of the known digital systems. This new technology makes a step forward in performance which provides better control of the racing car. Smartphone and tablet connectivity allow you to modify settings of cars and races. With this link you could also share your experience with social networks, Youtube, Etc.

  • SCX Advance/Scalextric Advance(Spain) Applies full wireless technology
  • Smartphone and tablet Bluetooth connection
  • Unbeatable sensitivity and control of the car
  • Up to 9 cars racing simultaneously
  • SCX Advance offers all this world at the best price