Tiger Cubs 2.5" to 3.75" | MAJ55003 | Mamejo

Tiger Cubs 2.5" to 3.75" | MAJ55003 | Mamejo

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Tiger Cubs 2.5" to 3.75" 

High quality hand painted animal figurines. 

Tinker Trivia: Did you know that tiger cubs are born blind and helpless? It takes several weeks for their eyes to open and for them to start exploring their surroundings. Tiger cubs stay with their mothers for up to two years before becoming independent, during which time they learn important skills such as hunting and social behaviors. While tiger populations have declined in recent years, conservation efforts have helped increase their numbers in some areas. However, tigers still face many threats, including habitat loss, poaching, and conflicts with humans. It is important to protect these magnificent animals and their habitats to ensure their survival for future generations.


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