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ST 1201 1/32 Scale Jel Claws Tire for Carrera Nascar COT


Quick Overview
Slot car racing tires made exclusively With Jel Racing Compound fits 1/32 Scale: Carrera Nascar - COT. Jel Claws are better than silicone or urethane on plastic or wood tracks. The racing tires that act like magnets. Sold as a Pair.

Rim Diameter .682"
Tire Height .850"
Sidewall Height .150"
Tire Inside Diameter .550"
Tire Width .333"
Rim Diameter - Metric 17.32 mm
Tire Height - Metric 21.59 mm
Sidewall Height - Metric 3.81 mm
Tire Inside Diameter - Metric 13.97 mm
Tire Width - Metric 8.458 mm
Front or Rear Both
What's Included Comes packaged in a set of 1-pair (two tires)

What's Included Comes packaged in a set of 1-pair (two tires)or urethane. They are manufactured from a special, proprietary formulation of synthetic rubber. The result is a tire that really grips the track - and won't let go! Our special Jel compound will absorb track vibration, and has enough grip to help each racer achieve lower lap times. Every Jel Claws tire is first developed with a computer aided design (CAD), while the high pressure injection molds are made using computer guided machine tooling (CNC) for extreme precision. Jel Claws tires are made with a single focus... the highest degree of quality! As you will see, Jel Claws tires are strong and durable. The Jel compound won't tear or rip when stretching onto an oversized rim. As a result, Jel Claws tires may easily fit many applications they were not originally designed for.

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