Speak & Spell | 09624 | Schylling

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Speak & Spell | 09624 | Schylling

The educational toy from the 70s and 80s is back with the new technology but in the same retro design. The Speak & Spell Electronic Game helps in teaching your kids to spell over 200 words using a synthesizer. The toy comes in different modes: Mystery Word, Say It, Letter, Secret Code and Spell and in different levels of difficulty to help your kiddo learn while having fun. This educational toy will keep your kids entertained and engaged, and improve their spelling.


  • Item #09624
  • Speak & Spell
  • Spell - Spell the words "spoken" by the console
  • Mystery Word - Correctly guess the letters to solve the puzzle
  • Say It - Pronounce and spell the words as they appear on screen
  • Secret Code - Enter a word to generate a secret code
  • Letter - Hear the letters pronounced to reinforce audio/visual learning

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