Replacement Bodies | RIG 6501,6551,6552,6553 | Riggen

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Replacement Bodies | 6501,RIG6551,RIG6552,RIG6553 | Riggen

Item# RIG 6501,6551,6552,6553 Replacement Bodies by Riggen are painted or clear untrimmed replacement bodies for 1/32 scale slot cars with inline brass chassis. We have four different variants: #6501 Stanton Sprint Body Painted & Untrimmed, RIG6551 Stanton Sprint Body Clear (Untrimmed), RIG6552 Osborne Sprint Body Clear (Untrimmed), and RIG6553 Gambler Sprint Body Clear (Untrimmed). Manufactured in 1991, this is a great find for the collector!



  • Item# RIG 6501,6551,6552,6553
  • Replacement Bodies  are painted or clear untrimmed
  • 1/32 scale slot accessory
  • 4 different variants:
  1. #6501 Stanton Sprint Body Painted & Untrimmed
  2. RIG6551 Stanton Sprint Body Clear (Untrimmed)
  3. RIG6552 Osborne Sprint Body Clear (Untrimmed)
  4. RIG6553 Gambler Sprint Body Clear (Untrimmed)
  • Manufactured in 1991
  • by Riggen

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