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Now & Later Fruit Chews Candy | 12586 | Tops Candy

Assorted Mixed Fruit Chews

The Long Lasting Chew


  • Sometimes, when you want a piece of candy, you don't want anything that's sweet. You want something that's bursting with tasty fruit flavor, and the Now & Later® Fruit Chews Candy (89.95 oz., 150 ct.) could be a very fine choice to add to your pantry. Now & Later has been around for a very long time, and it originally started as a penny candy in Brooklyn. Today, it's nice and easy for everyone to enjoy the taffy.

    Why Choose the Now & Later Fruit Chews Candy?

    Naturally, one of the best reasons to choose the Now & Later chewy candy is the taste. These are a tasty treat when you want a little bit of a sugary pick-me-up or you just want some delicious taffy to chew. There are five different types of flavors available with the Now & Later candy. The delicious flavors you'll find include banana, cherry, apple, grape and tropical punch. One of the other benefits is that each of these pieces of the Now & Later candy is individually wrapped, so you can easily throw a few in your pocket, your purse, your lunch bag or anywhere else.

    Where Can You Keep the Now & Later Fruit Chews Candy?

    What are you going to do with such a large jar of the Now & Later candy? Fortunately, you will find that this tub of taffy will be appreciated anywhere that you might want to have it. Naturally, you can keep it at home and in the pantry or cupboard whenever you want to have a snack. You could also bring it to your cubicle at work, although, it might mean that your cubicle becomes a very popular place for the coworkers to congregate when they are hoping for a piece of the Now & Later taffy!

    A Great Choice

    When you make sure that you are keeping the Now & Later candy in good supply, you'll never have to worry about a quick, tasty treat again. If you're wondering, where can I buy Now & Later in a large enough quantity to make it cost-effective, this could be your answer.

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