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Metaltek softek Ball with the item number ZG701 made by Zing 

Metaltek softek Ball is great for skill playing day or night. Comes in 4 metallic colors for high visibility and fun! The patented metallic coating is unlike any bouncy ball you've ever seen before. Each ball looks heavy but is incredibly light and smooth! The surface is a reflective metallic where you can even see yourself in the ball. Colors available: Blue, Black, Red and Silver. Includes one 4" ball.

Metaltek Softek Ball is metallic colored bouncy ball that bounces over fifty feet depending on strength of user, angle of bounce, and surface type. Suitable for children ages three and older. Available in black, red, silver and blue metallic colors. As the package says…performance like nothing on Earth!



  • Item# ZG701
  • Metaltek Softek Ball
  • Available in Black, Red, Silver and Blue metallic colors 
  • Designed for Kids: ages 3+
  • by Zing

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