Magnum 440-X2 Tune Up Kit | 36669 | Tyco Slot cars

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Magnum 440-X2 Tune Up Kit | 36669 | Tyco

#36669 Magnum 440-X2 Tune Up Kit, contains the replacement parts needed to bring your regular or lighted 440-x2 car up to peak performance. With 2 pick up shoes, 2 rear tires, 2 front tires, 1 rear axle, and 1 guide pin; a tremendous deal for the collector at this price.

Performance Tips 

  1. Before each race, clean track with dampened cloth (Dirty or rusty track slows down cars) Caution! Never use steel wool for cleaning purposes small bits of steel wool will be attracted to the motor of the car and ruin it.
  2. Clean track conductor rails by rubbing with an ink eraser.
  3. Polish contact surface of the car's pick-up shoes with a pencil eraser.
  4. Make sure none of the tires is rubbing against the car body (This will slow down or stop the car)
  5. Wipe the surface of the rear tires with a dampened cloth to remove dirt.


  • Item # 36669
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