iWheels Legends of the Quarter Mile - 4Gear - Release 25 | SC356 | Auto World

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Don "The Snake" Prudhomme | 1970 Plymouth Cuda | SC356 | Auto World

Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen | 1970 Plymouth Duster | SC356 | Auto World

Ramchargers | 1971 Dodge Challenger | SC356 | Auto World

Auto World 4Gear Legends of the Quarter Mile Release 25!

The funny car heroes of yesteryear are immortalized in Auto World's Legends of the Quarter Mile! These incredible nitro-fueled funny cars will forever be remembered in our "Sunday! Sunday!" hearts.

Auto World's 4GEAR extended wheelbase and narrowed rear end fitted with gigantic dragster-inspired wheels make it perfect for Release 25 with an entire line-up of Legends of the Quarter Mile Funny Cars!

Don “The Snake” Prudhomme versus Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen… One of the greatest rivalries in all of Drag Racing history! Any red-blooded race fan lucky enough to have been born of that era remembers these famous Funny Cars decked-out in bright Hot Wheels badges screaming down the 1/4 mile in a furious blur that lasted all of 5 sweet seconds. The two faced-off in match races that raged over a period of about 3 years. Their epic West Coast battles, fueled by huge sponsorship deals were a major draw, and their loyal fans never tired of seeing these two “Legends of the Quarter Mile” go head to head. Now you can recapture some of that blazing excitement as we pay tribute with our newest Legends of the Quarter Mile drag set.

Flip the chassis over and you'll find two neodymium traction magnets to make these dynamite racers grip the track for super high speed drag racing thrills!


  • Item #SC356SNAKE
  • Item #SC356MONGOOSE
  • Car #1-3
  • Don "The Snake" Prudhomme
  • 1970 Plymouth Cuda
  • Funny Car
  • Legends of the Quarter Mile
  • 4-Gear
  • Auto World
  • Includes Neodymium Magnets
  • Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with Tomy and AFX Sets 
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099 

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