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Mech Name: Ironclad Behemoth
Pilot Name: General Gravewrath

The Ironclad Behemoth looms on the battlefield, a massive and imposing mech exuding an aura of pure intimidation. Its design combines elements of a rhinoceros and a mythical creature, evoking fear and awe in equal measure. Clad in a formidable armor of black and gray, the Ironclad Behemoth strikes a perfect balance between strength and agility.

Guiding the Ironclad Behemoth into battle is General Gravewrath, a merciless and cunning commander. Known for his strategic brilliance and unyielding determination, Gravewrath is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. He commands the Ironclad Behemoth with a calculated ferocity, utilizing its immense strength and durability to crush his enemies. The mech's powerful arms end in three massive claws each, capable of rending through even the sturdiest defenses.

The Ironclad Behemoth boasts two large jets on its back, granting it superior mobility and the ability to unleash devastating aerial assaults. Its knees and feet are fitted with sharp spikes, enabling it to deliver bone-crushing stomps and devastating kicks to its adversaries.

IM Master Mecha Building Block Set Grey 965pcs


  • Item #IMM6822
  • Item #6822
  • iM.Master
  • Ages 6+
  • 965 pieces 
  • 20.8X10.8X31.2(CM)
  • LEGO-Like Bricks: Inspiring Creations
  • LEGO-Compatible
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