Hover Rocket  | 4823 | U.S. Toy Co

Hover Rocket | 4823 | U.S. Toy Co

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The Amazing Hover Rocket | 4823 | U.S. Toy Co

Launches to the sky Hovers to the ground. Detailed launch instructions on the back! Made by Lanard. Precision landings. Touches down vertically! Soft Foam. Aim vertically for best performance. Launch at 30-degrees for horizontal flights. Soars high, up to 40 Feet! Ripcord launched, safe and durable foam rocket. No batteries required.

Best Practices and Use: Firmly attach hover rocket to launcher base, aim upwards and firmly pull ripcord to full extension. Flights can vary in different weather and wind speed conditions. 


    • Item # 4823
    • Up to 40ft!
    • Soft foam
    • Touches down vertically
    • Stunt Flyer
    • 1 per unit

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