Hero's & Villian's | TST1600 | KlikBot

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Hero's & Villian's | TST1600 | KlikBot

NEW CHARACTERS & WEAPONS: New futuristing characters with unique weapons and new helmets; includes 4 Translucent Klikbot Guardians, 4 sets of suction cup hands, and 4 sets of equipment

EASY TO CREATE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Parts snap together and provide the right of mobility for animation, unlike other construction toys; See where your creativity takes you by combining all our Klikbot sets into one video

COLLECTABLE: Klikbot Guardians are just one part of the Klikbot line; Complete your set with Klikbots Heroes, Villains, Megabots, and Zanimation Studio

BECOME BE A MOVIE MAKER: Learn stop motion animation techniques when you download our free Stikbot Studio 2.0 App, using your imagination to create adventure films starring the Klikbot Heroes

SEE THEM IN ACTION: Be sure to follow the Klikbot Galaxy Defenders series on Youtube; Check out the StikBot Central channel for more content and inspiration featuring all our heroes and villain


  • Item# TST1600
  • KlikBot
  • Ages 4+
  • By Zing 

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