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Green Zephyr - PlayDoh Kinetic

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  • Green
  • 2.7 oz Pack
  • The name means Marshmallow in Russian!
  • Kinetic
  • SCULPT! our Zephyr is a mild plasticine, an innovative, intelligent play doh! You can sculpt small or large figures; small details may be combined into a big figure! It will be stable and won’t ever fall into pieces! It is made of an absolutely nontoxic, eco-friendly, non-hardening material! It has a unique combination of the best educational toys features to boost your baby’s learning process. It's a safe plasticine for toddlers.
  • PLAY IN THE WATER! Put sculpted figure of our playdough on the water and it will float! Organize the race: whose figure will be the first to reach the finish!
  • ANTISTRESS! Children and their Parents may use it like hand gum or antistressor toy. Playing with Zephyr helps to feel calm and put you in a good mood!
  • BAKE IT! After sculpting a figure - put it into the oven at 180°C - after a few minutes you will get a new toy and it will stay hard forever! Paint it with acrylic paints and enjoy new self-made toy!
  • KINETIC SAND! You may use Zephyr like kinetic sand but it will never turn your house into a desert! All thanks to the Zephyrs unique ability to keep its particles tied together, yet allowing you to pull it like a slime, feel it soft like sand, mold it like a plasticine!

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