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Girls Only Secret Message Lab | 00453 | Smart Lab

Spies and best friends have some of the same agendas: keep secrets, and send coded messages that no one else can read!

Being a best friend can be hard work (especially when there are nosy brothers, sisters, or classmates around!).

But you can't be a best friend alone! You need... your best friend! Just like you can't send secret coded messages to someone who has no chance of learning to read them!

This means, you need two of everything. This Secret Message Lab has you covered. There's no need to buy a second kit. Your best friend will get Everything that you get (except the activity book; you'll have to share that).
Learn about codes and how to write in different ciphers. Learn about invisible ink--then send messages that can't be read without the secret! There are several ways to write invisible messages... some show up on their own (like the Banana Telegram), and others need a bit of help (like access to UV light).

Have fun with chemistry, science, and the art of the secret code! Being sneaky has never been so fun!

Smartlab Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

Send and decode secret codes and messages in 25 ways

Encourages interest in science, codes, code breaking, and keeping a confidence

Can you keep a secret? Even if it's written down?

Learn to mix up invisible ink

Learn to invent your own codes

Learn the science of light waves and filters, and acids and bases

Learn 25 ways to send secrets to your comrades!

You get two of everything so you can play immediately with your best friend!

Each code case measures 6 x 5 so it's easy to take with you!

Includes: 2 cases, 2 UV ink pens with UV lights, 2 red filters, 2 red markers, 2 wax crayons, 2 spray bottles, 4 code wheels, 2 phonetic code cards, 2 message masks, 2 sticker sheets, 24 page activity book

Some experiments require common household items (not included): baking soda, banana, dish soap, food coloring, lemon juice or vinegar, purple grape juice, purple or red cabbage, water

Learn by doing!


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