Fossil Hunter | LT053 | Lotti

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Fossil Hunter | LT053 | Lotti

Presented in beautifully designed, brightly coloured boxes (complete with handle for easy transport) these Irish designed dolls need no wrapping and have award winning attention to detail which make them an essential addition for any doll collector.


  • Item #LT053
  • Fossil Hunter
  • Olive coloured gilet puffa vest
  • Turquoise blue polo short with an ammonite shell design print
  • Cargo shorts
  • Orange and white stripe socks
  • Sturdy boots
  • Baseball cap
  • A rucksack 
  • Fossil hunting tools (magnifying glass, trowel and geology hammer)
  • Four ammonite fossils
  • Special collector cards about the British female fossil hunter Mary Anning
  • Notable women in paleontology additional sheet
  • Lotti
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