Dual-Strike Gun | Nerf

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Dual-Strike Gun | Nerf

The Nerf N-Strike Dual-Strike blaster fires both Elite darts and Mega darts to blast the competition with double the impact! Plan the best battle strategy, then move the switch to select the dart size that delivers a tactical advantage. To fire 1 dart, pull the handle back and pull the trigger. The Mega Whistler darts scream through the air! The Dual-Strike blaster from Nerf comes with 3 Elite darts and 3 Mega Whistler darts.

Fires Elite and Mega Darts

The Nerf N-Strike Dual-Strike blaster fires both Elite darts and Mega Whistler darts to deliver double the impact in Nerf battles. The blaster is designed with 2 different chambers, one for Elite darts and one for Mega darts. Kids move the switch to select which kind of dart they choose to fire. Keep opponents guessing by flipping between dart types. The Dual-Strike blaster fires one dart at a time. Choose a target, choose a dart, and launch into battle.

2-in-1 Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Dual-Strike gives kids 2 different kinds of darts to blast. With a top barrel that holds 3 Elite darts, and a bottom barrel that holds 3 Mega darts, this 2-in-1 blaster is ready for intense action! Load all 6 darts into the Dual-Strike blaster and select either Elite or Mega. Pull back the handle to ready the blaster, then pull the trigger to let the dart fly! Strike with Elite darts, or send Mega darts screaming through the air.

Blast the Competition

Blast the competition with the Nerf N-Strike Dual-Strike blaster that fires both Elite darts and Mega darts for double the dart-firing action. Move the switch to choose either Elite or Mega to blast an Elite dart or send a Mega Whistler dart screaming through the air.


  • Dual-Strike
  • Nerf
  • Includes blaster
  • 3 Elite darts
  • 3 Mega Whistler darts

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