Dinosaur Wally Crawlys | DWC | Schylling

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Dinosaur Wally Crawlys | DWC | Schylling

Item# DWC Dinosaur Wally Crawlys by Schylling is...  Toss’em on the wall and watch’em crawl! Wally Crawlys let you have stretchy, squishy wall-crawling fun. Watch Dinasour Wally Crawlys tumble, crawl, and battle their way down with funny animated action. You’ll love the excitement of these prehistoric creatures dueling to the finish. Wally Crawlys are fun to throw on glass or up against the wall. Mix & match your Wally Crawlys to watch a mashup of bendy, squishy fun unfold!


  • Item # DWC
  • Dinosaur Wally Crawlys
  • Approximately 18 pieces per package
  • Assorted colors in each pack
  • No-mess
  • Age 5+
  • 1 x 5.75 x 8 in
  • Schylling

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