Digital 132 Peak Performance | 20030027 | Carrera Digtial

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Peak Performance | 20030027 | Carrera

Hitting the heights: Porsche vs. Corvette

Carrera's 8.4-meter/27.54 ft. circuit guarantees great racing thrills with the Carrera DIGITAL 132 'Peak Performance' set, and mountain runs that hit all the heights! The Porsche and the Corvette both pack the horsepower-heavy punch needed in the hills. The performance of the silver-grey Chevrolet Corvette C8.R 'No.3' is perfectly matched to face off against the white Porsche 935 GT2 'J.Zwart, No.11'. Driven by Jeff Zwart, the Porsche is known for its achievements in the 'Pikes Peak International Hill Climb' race and the 'Race To The Clouds'. After a 5-year break, in 2020 Jeff Zwart returned to the racetrack to drive the Porsche 935 GT2 back up onto the podium. The Chevrolet Corvette C8.R 'No.3' raced for the first time in this livery in Sebring in 2021.

A racetrack powerhouse

Both cars are thrilling replicas thanks to the original reproduction license - and their front and rear lights. The 8.4-metre mountain ride on extra-wide track sections offers lane-changing opportunities, long straights, complicated bends, as well as lane shifts and overtaking at the push of a button for lots of drifting and driving fun.

Total Track Length: 27.56 ft (8.4 meters)

Dimensions when Assembled: 7.87 ft x 4.10 ft.

1x Carrera Porsche 935 GT2 "No.11" Pikes Peak"
1 x Carrera Corvette C8.R "No.3"
5 x  Standard Straights (20509)
16 x 1/60 Curves (20571)
1 x Control Unit (30352)
2 x Wired Controllers
1 x Carrera digital double charging station (10113)
1 x 30364 Lane Change Curve, Right (In to Out)
1 x 30365 Lane Change Curve, Right (Out to In)
1 x 14.8 Volt Transformer
Spare Contact Brushes
Guard Rail

Track Connection Clips
Scale of Track: 1/24
Scale of Cars: 1/32

It is possible to use wired and wireless controllers together on a Digital 132/124 set.  If combining wired and wireless controllers you can use a maximum of 2 wired controllers.  Any other contollers added (up to 6 total) would need to be wireless.


  • Item #20030027
  • Carrera
  • Peak Performance
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132
  • Machines vs mountain: Porsche vs. Corvette
  • Scale: 1:32
  • 8 years & up

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