Cowboy Colt Style Revolver Pistol 8-Shot | 88 | 0088 | Gonher

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Cowboy Colt Style Revolver Pistol 8-Shot Toy Cap Gun

The Civil War Colt Navy style revolver features realistic action, accurate detail, and durable construction. The frame and barrel has filigreed design in chrome color and faux wood grips just like our Civil War heroes. Release the catch to open the cylinder, load 8 Shot Ring Caps (not included) onto the cylinder and close to fire, just like the real thing! This Pistol fires our #913 8 Shot Ring Caps.. Kids can learn hand-eye coordination while aiming down the bad guy or shooting the robber. Get your children this pistol so they can enjoy the outside like you used to.


  • Item #88
  • Gonher
  • Colt Revolver
  • Die-Cast Metal Construction with Plastic Grips
  • Fires 8 Shot Ring Caps (not included)
  • Length: 9.8"
  • Gun has the full orange tip as required by the law
  • Not convertible to shoot a projectile.
  • Manufactured by Gonher of Spain
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

“It is your responsibility to know if your state/country allows the use/purchase of toy cap guns. Never point at any person and keep your arm fully extended when firing. Use under adult supervision.”

"This replica gun contains the colored markings required by law, including a permanently attached orange plug."

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