Copy of Zotz Strings-Purple  | 00500 | Mountain Sweets

Copy of Zotz Strings-Purple | 00500 | Mountain Sweets

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Copy of Zotz Strings-Purple | 00500 | Mountain Sweets


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    • Not Your Usual Candy. Looking for a sweet treat with a twist? Try a piece of Zotz Fiery Cinnamon Fizz. You'll be surprised by the spicy fizz inside.
    • Bold Taste. The original fizz power candy, Zotz is made following the same recipe since the 1970s but instead of fruit, our spicy candy is flavored with cinnamon. The fizzing center of Zotz is basically bicarbonate of soda with a few super-secret tweaks. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the hard candy with a fiery fizz in the middle.
    • Right Mix. The outer hard candy shell is sweet with a spicy powdery center. The right balance of sweet/spicy flavor makes this candy quite addictive. You probably won't stop at 1 piece and will want more!
    • Variety of Flavors. Our cinnamon candy is the latest addition to the Zotz candy family. This fiery flavor joins our cherry, blue raspberry, apple, and other fruit-flavored candies that you all know and love.
    • Fun Treats. Zotz candies are great giveaways for trick or treating, kids' parties, goodie bag stuffing, and other activities. Feeling nostalgic? Grab a bag and share it with your loved ones as you relive your childhood memories.

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