TCR Slotless Slot Car Total Control RACE SET 34ft | TCRXLG001 | Tyco

TCR Slotless Slot Car Total Control RACE SET 34ft | TCRXLG001 | Tyco

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TCR Slotless Slot Car Total Control RACE SET 34ft | TCRXLG001 | Tyco


Unused, New Old Factory Stock.
This listing is ONE (1) Large TYCO TCR, Total Control Racing, vintage 1993 Slotless HO scale slot car RACE SET. The components are all New Old Factory Stock that was originally intended to be used to assemble race sets. All track needs some scotch-brite pad brightening of the rails. WD-40 on a rag will help rejuvenate the track appearance & will help to repel moisture. The TYCO TCR system will accept vehicles like Aurora Speedsteer or Ideal TCR as well. On my web site, under guides.The AC powered system works well & has a degree of difficulty that is unexpected. Although the entire track system has integrated guardrails, flying off the track is still probable at higher speeds. Shifting lanes is actuated with a steering wheel on the controller. Applying the wheel while going too slow results in a vehicle stall; do it too late, & the corner wall divider, takes you out. Adding a JAM car creates a situation where one has to get around the moving obstacle! Using a second JAM vehicle (Included) allows one car to go in each direction to warm up the track. JAM vehicles are inexpensive. Typical is a Mustang 5.0 or an Emergency Van.
TCR RACING IS A HOBBY & NOT A TOY. Adult supervision, setup & participation are CRUCIAL to a good user experience. Everything is included to get started. Parts, Vehicles & Track Accessories are widely available.

INCLUDED IN THIS LISTING ARE: (1) 15" Terminal Straight Track, (10) 15" Straight Tracks, (7) 9" Straight Tracks, (7) 6" Straight Tracks, (16) 1/4 section 9" Radius Curves, (3) Speed Controllers, (1) AC Transformer, (12) Obstacle Pylons & a Scotch-Brite cleaning pad. Also included is a free extra parts chassis, less only the tires!
The FIVE (5) Vehicles Included are: (1) Ford Mustang 5.0 JAM Vehicles, #5 Tide Ricky Rudd 'Chevy Lumina', #3 Goodwrench Dale Earhardt 'Chevy Lumina', #3 Red Ferrari F-40 & a Deep Blue Nissan 300ZX.
This is a TCR Total Control Racing, NO GUIDE PIN, Race system. Many older Tyco wide body, short wheel base bodies, will fit the TCR chassis. A short rounded body is always preferred.
SHIPPED IN A USPS MAILING BOX. NO RETAIL BOX IS INCLUDED. Not fancy, but very cool to be this fresh after 25 years!

Chassis could look different than pictured. These are new, old stock and could have changes such as different colored wheels or tires.


  • Item #TCRXLG001
  • TCR Slotless Slot Car Total Control RACE SET 34ft
  • HO
  • Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with Autoworld, Tomy and AFX Sets
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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