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Mech Name: Azure Centurion
Pilot Name: Captain Maximus Stormrider

The Azure Centurion is a formidable mech that stands tall with its 2-tone white and blue armor, adorned with striking yellow and red accents. Its yellow crest, reminiscent of horns, and a red mohawk resembling a Roman centurion's helmet add a touch of fierce elegance to its appearance. The mech's body maintains regular proportions, emphasizing both agility and strength. On its back, six short fins are positioned to guide jet thrust, enhancing maneuverability in combat.

Captain Maximus Stormrider, an experienced and highly skilled pilot, commands the Azure Centurion. With a reputation for tactical brilliance and unwavering dedication, Maximus has earned his place as one of the most respected mech pilots in the world. His calm and collected demeanor, combined with his strategic mindset, makes him a formidable force on the battlefield. Maximus wields a double-edged sword, showcasing his expertise in close-quarters combat. Additionally, the Azure Centurion is equipped with short-range blasters on each arm, allowing Maximus to engage enemies both up close and at a distance.

IM Master Cyborg Warrior Building Block Set 641pcs


  • Item #IMM6815
  • Item #6815
  • iM.Master
  • Ages 6+
  • 641 pieces 
  • 30.3X11.8X305(cm)
  • LEGO-Like Bricks: Inspiring Creations
  • LEGO-Compatible
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