Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Tuning | 07049 | Fly Car

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#07049 Fly Car Model 1/32 Slot Car Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Tuning  car runs great!

Fly Slot Cars have not been produced for some time and all of this inventory is “new/old” stock and comes as is. We try to offer the best price we can but that means every car purchased comes as is, we are unable to test any of the cars. If you are interested in a car that comes RTR please consider the new inventory of Carrera and Scalextric.


  • Item #07049
  • 1/32
  • A-751
  • Runs Great
  • Fly Car Model
  • Strong Magnet
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

"No Returns"

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