AirHeads Variety Pack | 018275 | Tops Candy

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AirHeads Variety Pack | 018275 | Tops Candy

Assorted Mixed Fruit Chews

The Long Lasting Chew


  • A mix of bold, delicious AirHeads candy flavors
  • Includes Cherry, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry and White Mystery
  • Roll out the fun with AirHeads Candy. A sure crowd-pleaser, this variety pack offers over six dozen bars with a rich mix of assorted flavors.

    What's in AirHeads Candy?

    AirHeads is a chewy, taffy-like candy that's made with bright appealing colors and sealed with a delicious mix of tongue-pleasing flavors for a scrumptious treat. A single bar contains less than 100 calories, which makes it easier to fit into your day.

    Tasty AirHeads Candy Party Pack

    With up to 90 bars per box, the AirHeads Variety Pack is a great pick for c-stores and concessions. It provides an easy way of stocking up the counter and shelves for guests. It even comes in a convenient display box, so you can have it set up and ready in minutes.

    What are the best AirHeads Candy Flavors?

    AirHeads candy comes in a variety of intense, fruity flavors including grape, strawberry-watermelon, green apple and blue raspberry. Try some cherry-flavored candy or enjoy the goodness of some grape. Add some zest to your day with some orange or chomp on some sweet strawberry. And for a really delicious challenge, try Airheads' legendary White Mystery candy. It's made with a secret flavor. Have some chewy fun figuring it out.

    Built-in Play Value for Kids

    AirHeads candy makes a great choice for playtime crafting activities. Kids can mold and squish them into different fun shapes. With the Airheads Variety Pack, the possibilities are endless. Watch their imaginations run wild. Is it a bird or a plane? It's delicious candy.

    Tasty Candy for the Holidays

    Add some festive color to your candy bowl and keep the fun going. Satisfy your sweet tooth with some classic taffy flavor. Share the Airheads Variety Pack with friends during game-night or leave the candy out at your next party to keep everyone happy. Whether you're trick-or-treating, adding some color to your dessert table or stocking up for the end-of-year office party, AirHeads rainbow candy makes a great choice.

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