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Product Name: 2022 Shelby Mustang GT500H Black/Gold
SKU/Number: 22082
Manufacture/Brand: AFX/Racemasters

This is the AFX 2022 Shelby Mustang GT500H Black/Gold Mega G+ HO Slot Car.

Shelby GT350H: 1966 brought about the era of the “Rent-A-Racer” car and it began with the Shelby GT350H. The “H” stands for Hertz, and the company provided customers with the unique opportunity to drive elite, high-performance vehicles that could not be accessed anywhere else. The 2022 Shelby GT500H Mustangs pay tribute to that original, legendary 1966 Shelby GT350H.

All of the 2022 Shelby Mustang Hertz models have custom styling enhancements to celebrate the predecessor’s rich performance heritage. Set off with gold “Le Mans” dual racing stripes and a set of special rocker stripes, these Mustangs will also come with Hertz Edition and Shelby 60th anniversary emblems. Its supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine is gold-hued for Hertz's livery and roars past at an astounding 900 horsepower.

The 2022 Mustang drives with a powerful, stealth-like grace reminiscent of its badge: the cobra snake. AFX displays this Mustang’s unique design with a high-flying rear wing, intricate grill, and muscular but sleek, sloping body. With striking gold stripes atop a shining black, this car will turn anyone’s head.


  • Item #22082
  • 2022 Shelby Mustang GT500H Black/Gold
  • AFX/Racemasters
  • Chassis: Mega G+ LONG Wheelbase Chassis (1.7″)
  • Mega G+ Chassis: This chassis doesn’t just go faster or handle better than the competition. It wasn’t just built with the ultra-low, narrow dimensions of the original Mega G to continue the reign of the most realistic HO cars on earth. The Mega G+ Chassis is smoother, more consistent, and more intuitive than any car we’ve ever built.
  • Includes: One AFX 2022 Shelby Mustang GT500H Black/Gold Mega G+ HO Slot Car
  • Track and Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with all Auto World and AFX Race Sets
  • HO 1/64
  • FREE tech support: 1-877-729-2099

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