Bullet Passenger Train - Railroad Conveyance Trains Electric Deluxe

  • $76.50

The Bullet Train is a type of passenger train also known as the “Shinkansen” and it is mainly used in Japans high-speed railway. Top speeds can reach 320kms per hour! Bring this unique train into your living room and add it to your train collection. On sale now and you can use it is with other block systems.


  • 631 Pieces
  • Diesel Container Engine (Battery Operated)
    • 6 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Future Engine
  • 2 Passenger Cars
  • Station Platform
  • 4 Figures
  • Large Oval Layout
    • 4 Standard Straights
    • 16 Standard Curves

Item # AUS25913

Manufacture: IMEX/AUSINI

Compatible with:

    • Oxford
    • Cobi
    • Megablok
    • LEGO
    • Other building blocks
    • Block Models
    • Etc
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