Full lenght straight L 358 mm – 4pcs | P008-4 | Policar

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Full lenght straight L 358 mm – 4pcs | P008-4 | Policar

Policar Full length straight L 358 mm – 4pcs
Track system designed by Policar and Slot.It featuring a textured surface for high grip, even without traction magnets.

There are many good reasons to choose this track and not another one. In this project we concentrated all the experience accumulated in twenty years of competitions and major events, without losing sight of customers who want to buy a quality product.

Behind the Policar brand there is the work of the whole Slot.it team, a family owned company committed, since twenty years ago, to bring you the best quality spare parts and the most exciting slot car models.

The track geometry has been thought out so that any 90 degree curve can be replaced with any other radius of 90 degree curve, for example a radius 1 curve can be replaced by a radius 4 curve without any major changes to the circuit design. The spacing between the the lanes is 9mm which is the optimal spacing for 1/32nd scale racing.

The track also features a Multiple Lateral Clip System which keeps the track aligned and flat so that the huge multi lane layout that you've been secretly dreaming of can come to life.

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