USS Arizona U.S. Battleship BB-39 | IMX38222 | Oxford

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USS Arizona U.S. Battleship BB-39 | IMX38221 | Oxford

Experience the importance of The USS Arizona Battleship with this amazing building brick set! The ship (Pennsylvania Class) was sunk during the Japanese navel attack on Pearl Harbor, thus starting the United States’ entry into World War 2. The replica is hyper realistic. The tight fit bricks are compatible with all major brands. Our high-quality replica is safe, durable, and made for long term use! Box includes 1075 compatible pieces and a detailed, color instruction manual. Are you tired of your children and grandchildren wanting to play video games? Transport them back to WWII and let their imaginations sear! Teach them to understand the significance of this famous piece of Naval History and to also enjoy creating and building! A great building set for any boy, girl, or adult. Help promote an interest in History, real life events, and all things nautical with this enjoyable set. The finished product is a fantastic static model for hobby enthusiasts, teachers, historians, or just fans of the Battleship. If you are looking for a premier gift without breaking the bank, look no further! The possibilities are endless: Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, or just because you care!

This replica is hyper realistic and suitable for ages 8 and up. The tight fit bricks are compatible with all major brands and will work with your children’s existing collection.


  • Item # IMX38221
  • Pieces – 1075
  • USS Arizona
  • Battleship
  • BB-39
  • Oxford
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