Track Clips | 1013 - 1014 | AFX/Racemasters

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Track Clips | 1013 - 1014 | AFX/Racemasters

AFX tracks are designed to connect and disconnect easily while maintaining excellent electrical contact. But it’s always nice to have some extra support…

Solidify track connections without damaging the track itself. Made with high-quality stainless spring steel, these AFX Track Clips maintain their strength without corroding.

Great For…

A layout you aren’t ready to commit to gluing or nailing down

Eliminating gaps at track junctions for a quieter, smoother race

Avoiding overpass break downs

Protecting against centrifugal forces pulling apart your bank curves

 To Use

Sold in packs of 25 and 100, make sure to use two clips on each track junction. Simply press into place underneath your track with your thumb. Remove just as easily with a small screwdriver. WARNING: Not for use by children under the age of 12. Wear Protective Safety Glasses when using clips.

These track clips will only work on AFX track made after 1980. Tracks made before 1980 require the original track clips found through specialty hobby shops.


    • Item # 1013 - 25 Pack
    • Item # 1014 - 100 Pack
    • Used for AFX Track made after 1980
    • AFX/Racemasters
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