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This is the AFX 1969 AstroVette LMP12 Gold/Black LTD Mega G+ HO Slot Car

1969 was the golden age of exploration. Moon landings were no longer the stuff of sci-fi stories. Space explorers had become real life superheroes. Besides taking a trip to the moon, astronauts also had one particular job perk to look forward to - driving a ‘69 Corvette. Thanks to former Indy 500 winner, Jim Rathmann, astronauts in training were given the use of new Chevy cars every year for the whopping sum of $1. Apollo 12’s all-Navy crew picked the Riverside Gold Corvette Sport Coupes. All three were identical save one “touch of uniqueness” - a small rectangular plaque on the car’s fender. Each driver’s role on the spacecraft was engraved in the color assigned to them for their mission: red, white and blue.

The AstroVettes - as they were called, came with the thunderous roar of a 427 Turbo-Jet V-8 engine, four-speed wide-range transmission and 390 horsepower. The gold body donned black-painted “wings” designed by iconic stylist Alex Tremulis, evoking the colors of the Apollo 12 module. This AFX car represents the Corvette used by Lunar Module Pilot, Alan Bean. To Alan, the fourth person to walk on the moon, said driving his AstroVette was the one thing that compared to the thrill of flying through space.

Chassis: Mega G+ SHORT Wheelbase Chassis (1.5")

Mega G+ Chassis

This chassis doesn’t just go faster or handle better than the competition. It wasn’t just built with the ultra-low, narrow dimensions of the original Mega G to continue the reign of the most realistic HO cars on earth. The Mega G+ Chassis is smoother, more consistent, and more intuitive than any car we’ve ever built.


One AFX 1969 AstroVette LMP12 Gold/Black LTD Mega G+ HO Slot Car


  • Item #22093
  • AFX 1969 AstroVette LMP12 Gold/Black LTD Mega G+ HO Slot Car
  • AFX/Racemasters
  • Track and Slot Cars are 100% Compatible with all Auto World and AFX Race Sets
  • HO 1/64
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