Tune Up Kit – Mega G | 70330 | AFX/Racemasters

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Tune Up Kit – Mega G | 70330 | AFX/Racemasters

Unlike most HO cars that are designed to be thrown away once they break, AFX cars are built to last. It is one reason AFX cars are so desirable to collectors. But, like real cars, AFX cars won’t run forever without a little maintenance every so often.

With a Tune-Up Kit and a little bit of routine maintenance, your AFX car will be stomping the competition for years to come!

This kit includes two pairs of pick-up shoes – one for a long wheelbase chassis (like our DP01 Formula and newer Le Mans Prototype cars) and another for a short wheelbase chassis (like our full-bodied and stocker cars). Short shoes will not fit on a long chassis and vice versa.

Check out the quick videos on our Maintenance Page and see how easy it is to Tune Up your car!



(2) Rear Tires (white lettered)
(1) Rear Axle Assembly (Crown Gear (25T) and Black Wheels)
(2) Long Pick-up Shoes Only Fit Long Wheelbase (MG1.7) 
(2) Short Pick-up Shoes Only Fit Short Wheelbase (MG1.5) 
(4) Pick-up Shoe Springs
(1) Pinion Gear (7 Tooth)
(1) Guide Pin


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