Why did Toys R Us go out of business?

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You can get everything online, anyway right? This is true and defiantly a factor. This year CNBC reported that “Black Friday shopping at brick-and-mortar stores dropped by 6% as consumers spent record online”. Online shopping had an all-time high for black Friday.

Big box retailers are also NOT COOL. You can go to Walmart, Target, and Meijer and barely tell the difference between each store, Toys R Us was like you were just stuck in the toy section the entire time. Toys R Us was the big box with out the selection! They wanted to act like a store you could go to get everything you could ever want but nothing you actually needed. The problem with big box retailers is they are built to be a 1 stop shop! A shop that has groceries, clothes, automotive, toys, furniture, and the list goes on will be able to pull enough of a customer base to survive. They are a jack of all trade master of none type of scenario. Toys R Us took the Big Box Retailer approach but only focused on 1 thing and did it terribly.

Going shopping still happens because we need something to do don’t, we, but when we shop, we want to go someplace special. Toys R Us wasn’t it was just a big box boring stop. Shopping in Toys R Us was uncomfortable, not personable and the people who worked there didn’t even like toys.

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