What Size Should I Buy? Slot Car | Slot Car Starter Series Ep 1

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At ProTinkerToys.com we get asked all the time what are the different sizes? In this video, I will show you and explain each slot car size. I go over the benefits and why some people choose one over the other.
1/64 or HO?
This is a Slot Car Starter Series Episode 1. This is a new series we have planned where we will be teaching everyone how to become an expert slot car racer. Please comment below if you like this series and share with friends we also would love to hear what ideas you have.

Slot Cars and slot car tracks come in many sizes. The 3 most common sizes are 1/64 (Small), 1/43 (Medium), and 1/32 (Large). The size of the track and cars you purchase should depend on how much room you have to set up the track and what aspects you are looking for in the cars and track itself. The most popular track for home use is 1/64.

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