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Stikbot Cyborg Pack

Get ready to create your own thrilling movie with these exclusive StikBot figures. Will Cyborg escape the clutches of the Mad Scientist only to be pursued by Inspector? Will Inspector uncover the truth and save the day? It's all up to your imagination!

These multi-award-winning stop frame animation toys feature suction cup hands and feet, allowing for easy positioning on any flat surface. Plus, with the on-pack augmented reality features, your StikBot figures will truly come to life!

Download the FREE Zing Studio app for iPhone or Android and start making movies. The easy-to-use app comes with built-in music and sound effects, helping you create a professional-looking film. Don't forget to subscribe to StikBot Central on YouTube for daily content, including fan-made movies and crazy StikBot shows. Share your own animated films using #StikBot and let the world see what you've created!

So what are you waiting for? Let your creativity run wild with Cyborg, Mad Scientist, and Inspector StikBot figures. You create. You animate. You SHARE.


  • Item #SB5100
  • KlikBot
  • Ages 4+
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