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Star Sorority: Zara the Cyborg

Zara the Cyborg is a popular character in the role-playing game Star Sorority, created by PRINCE_STARRR. This fierce fashionista is an embodiment of the game's futuristic cyber world, with her cutting-edge cyberware fashion sense. Her unique physical appearance, being half-human and half-machine, adds to her allure and creates an aura of mechanical mystique around her character. Zara's fashion choices are inspired by her conflicting dual nature, which combines human emotions with robotic precision, making her a formidable yet stylish force to reckon with in the game's universe. With her exceptional fashion sense and mechanical charisma, Zara the Cyborg has become a favorite among fans of the popular Roblox game.


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  • Deluxe pack: includes 2 bonus mystery boxes + virtual items
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