Grey Spinny Lizard 12" | MAJ22641 | Mamejo

Grey Spinny Lizard 12" | MAJ22641 | Mamejo

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Grey Spinny Lizard 12"

High quality hand painted animal figurines. 

Tinker Trivia: Did you know that spinny lizards are also known as frilled lizards? These unique reptiles are named for the large frill of skin around their necks, which they use to intimidate predators and attract mates. When threatened, spinny lizards will open their frills and hiss loudly, making themselves look larger and more imposing. In addition to their frills, spinny lizards have long tails and strong legs that they use to climb trees and other objects. Spinny lizards are native to northern Australia and southern New Guinea, where they live in forested areas and feed on insects, small mammals, and other prey. If you ever encounter a spinny lizard in the wild, be sure to give it plenty of space and admire its unique features from a safe distance!


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