Mini Squishable T-Rex II | SQU-114737 | Squishable

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Mini Squishable T-Rex II | SQU-114737 | Squishable


ROAR! Why good morning to you too, T-Rex! It's a beautiful day to run around the cinema-scape and cause chaos, isn't it? What movie is complete without your majestic - yet probably scientifically incorrect - lizard body? Your flashing eyes promising horror? Your massive jaw that rips and tears? Your romantic meet-cute at the coffee shop when the barista spills your latte? That fun cake-baking montage? The part where you realize you both work for competing law firms representing different sides of the McGlubbins case? Wait, different movie.


  • Item# SSQU-114737
  •  Large about 2 feet  Squeeze Animal
  • Squishable
  • Age 3+
  • Squishable

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