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Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Forever Booster

Across the multiverse, the Avengers answer the call! Marvel HeroClix: Avengers Forever summons the Mightiest Heroes from every Earth to battle it out in HeroClix! Celebrating both the classic and the all-new Avengers Forever comic runs, this 5-figure booster release features iconic Avengers heroes like Captain America, Iron Man and Dr. Strange as they face off against the likes of Kang the Conqueror, Immortus and Red Skull! For the first time players can collect Ghost Panther, Winter Hulk and the Invincible Ant-Man as they make their HeroClix debut from across the multiverse! Avengers Forever brings back Team-Up Cards so that you can assemble powerful squads of heroes to unlock new abilities that make them stronger together than they are apart! In addition to everything else, Legacy Cards also make their return to bring HeroClix figures from across time back to join the fight, this time featuring popular Avengers heroes and villains! Add more characters with the Rally ability to your roster this set, giving you more options than ever on the battlefield! Mission Points are back as well as some powerful villains work them into their master plans for victory! With more than 65 figures and all-new Team-Up and Legacy Cards to collect, this set is one celebration of the Avengers that you don’t want to miss!

Chance to get 16 Common Figures -14 Uncommon Figures - 14 Rare Figures (and 2 Primes!) - 12 Super Rare Figures (and 2 Primes!) - 8 Chase Figures - 14 Legacy Cards - 12 Team-Up Cards


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