Jumbo Triceratops 14" | MAJ32004 | Mamejo

Jumbo Triceratops 14" | MAJ32004 | Mamejo

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Jumbo Triceratops 18"

High quality hand painted animal figurines. 

Tinker Trivia: Did you know that allegedly the Triceratops is often referred to as the "Three-horned Face" due to its distinctive facial horns? Triceratops roamed the earth during the Late Cretaceous period and was one of the last dinosaur species to exist before the mass extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs. Its three horns were used for defense against predators and for territorial battles with other Triceratops. With a length of up to 30 feet and a weight of up to 12 tons, the Triceratops was a truly formidable creature!


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