1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Orange | 21050 / 21017 | AFX/Racemasters

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Mustang Boss 429 – Orange – | 21050 | AFX/Racemasters

The Boss 429 is arguably one of the rarest muscle cars ever.  Built to make it possible for Ford to develop a Hemi engine to compete with Chrysler in NASCAR, they built 1,358 of the cars between 1969 and 1970.  This satisfied the homologation rules requiring at least 500 cars be fitted with the Hemi motor.

Officially rated at 375 HP, the Boss 429 was generally agreed to put out around 500 HP.  Wow!

This is the 1970 model with the trademark oversized flat black hood scoop and Boss 429 logo on the front fenders.  Slowing sales and high production costs caused Ford to end production at the end of the year.  But they sell for over $500,000 in the present day.

We already had the longest wheelbase and the lowest, narrowest chassis ever made in 1/64th scale.  With that, our designers were making the most realistic cars ever.  And our cars out handled anything else in the market.  That’s good enough, right?  Wrong!

We weren’t satisfied with the driveability.  We wanted you to be able to race wheel to wheel, lap after lap, and feel like you’re driving a real car.  But we couldn’t do it by just changing the chassis.  We had to create a whole new race system – the Mega G+ Race System.

What is the Mega G+ Race System?

It is a Slot Car system that delivers the perfect balance of grip and speed.  The result is a slot car set that is easier to learn and easier to drive at the limit so you have more fun fast and keep having fun longer.

We achieved this by redesigning our famous Mega-G chassis, designing a new power unit and precisely mating it to our upgraded AFX120 controller and our exclusive Tri-Power Pack.  With decades of slot car innovation and over a year of experimentation behind it, we believe the Mega G+ Race System is the best out of the box slot car system you can buy. Mega G+ CHASSIS

This new chassis is the heart of the Mega G+ Race System.  It is not just faster and better handling than the competition, now it is even smoother, more consistent, more intuitive and more fun to drive than any car we’ve ever built.  Check out these performance features:

FN20 Advanced Power Unit:  Same power output as original Mega-G but lighter, smoother, quieter, more consistent and uses 33% less energy

Weight:  Up to 30% lighter than any other HO chassis, 5% lighter than original Mega-G – Way more fun to drive

Size:  Lowest and narrowest chassis ever made – Much more realistic bodies

Re-designed Pick-Up Shoes:  Stronger, follows rail better for consistent power

Center of gravity:  Lowest of all competitors – Corners better than any other chassis

Wheelbase:  Longest available – Better proportioned bodies

Guide Pin:  Exclusive extra long tapered guide pin (Only AFX has it!) – Car stays in the slot longer

Ground Effects Magnets:  Level 30 Neodymium – Stays glued to the track

Chassis Material:  Nylatron – Super strong and durable

High Carbon Power Unit Brushes:  Last much longer than composite brushes

New Redundant Power Transfer System:  Maintains consistent power supply to motor for improved durability and better drivability


Check out these links to see what the experts think of the new Mega G+.  These independent reviews were done by Slot Car Illustrated. The first details some of the changes made from the original Mega-G while the second compares Mega G+ to all other well known HO slot cars for speed and handling. They are in-depth and very thorough. Real eye-openers! CLICK HERE for The New Mega G+ Chassis CLICK HERE for Comparing Modern HO Scale Inline Chassis


  • Item #21050
  • Mustang
  • Orange
  • Boss 429
  • AFX/Racemasters
  • Compatible
    • Tomy
    • Autoworld
    • HO Scale
  • Inside
    • 1 Mega-G
  • FREE tech support 1-877-729-2099

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