Military Jeep 209 | OM33021 | Oxford

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Military Jeep 209 | OM33021 | Oxford

The Willys MB and the Ford GPW, both formally called the U.S. Army Truck, 1⁄4-ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance,[4]Zaloga 2011[page needed] commonly known as the Willys Jeep[nb 3], Jeep, or jeep,[6] and sometimes referred to by its supply catalogue designation G503,[nb 4] were highly successful American off-road capable light military utility vehicles built in large numbers to a standardized design for the United States and other Allied forces in World War II from 1941 to 1945.

This replica is hyper realistic and suitable for ages 8 and up. The tight fit bricks are compatible with all major brands and will work with your children’s existing collection.


  • Item # OM33021
  • OXF33021
  • Pieces – 149
  • Jeep
  • Military
  • Oxford
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